Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dell, Gold Key, and Dell Comics ( PART III ) THE TOTH OF THE TOWN

Another brilliant cartoonist whose work graced the pages of the DELL COMICS line was Alex Toth, a very spirited and independent individual who, despite his enormous talent, never became well-known to the average person, though his later work, mostly in animated television cartoons, was seen by millions (more later).
Mr. Toth, recently deceased, also drew a good deal of pages for DC COMICS, in it's various incarnations, such as ECLIPSO, and THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, as well as for MARVEL COMICS, EC COMICS, and has owned his own creations, such as BRAVO FOR ADVENTURE and THE VANGUARD.
Mr. Toth also drew materials for The U.S. Armed Forces.
Toth's best-known comic book work, though, is probably his superb and vigorously rendered art for DELL's issues featuring Walt Disney's ZORRO.
Toth drew only a small number of ZORRO books for DELL, but the exquisite drawing by Toth for these books is so appreciated by comic book enthusiasts that the stories he drew have been collected in book form by two different publishers, ECLIPSE COMICS and IMAGE COMICS.
Toth also drew such television based titles as 77 SUNSET STRIP, and a whole slew of movie adaptations.
Much of the late part of Toth's career was occupied with drawing "storyboards" for animated cartoons, for such series as SPACE GHOST and BIRDMAN & THE GALAXY TRIO, for Hanna-Barbera Productions, SKY HAWKS and HOT WHEELS, for Ken Snyder Productions (HOT WHEELS was also a DC comic that Toth also drew five issues of), and also the cult classic show SPACE ANGEL.
More on Alex, THE TOTH OF THE TOWN later on!!!

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