Saturday, April 21, 2007


Currently, as I noted in Part One of this series, we are enjoying yet another chance to revisit THE SPIRIT, and Mr. Eisner's work is available more widely now than ever before.
DC COMICS has issued a terrific action figure of THE SPIRIT, as well as a beautiful cold-cast resin statue, and a smaller statue, a bust, and is keeping their beautiful series of THE SPIRIT ARCHIVES, chronological reprints of the original stories, in color hardcovers in print.
DC also issued a very nice book, THE WILL EISNER COMPANION, a very nice guide for both veteran Eisnerites and novice fans of the cartoonist.
Other publishers such as NBM, DARK HORSE COMICS, and WW NORTON have also gotten involved, producing good editions of such works as MOBY DICK, THE PRINCESS & THE FROG, and DON QUIXOTE (NBM), LAST DAY IN VIET NAM (DARK HORSE), and THE CONTRACT WITH GOD TRILOGY (WW NORTON).
Mr. Eisner's own company, POORHOUSE PRESS, has been keeping his various books, such as SEQUENTIAL ART, in print as well.
After Mr. Eisner's death, COMIC BOOK ARTIST magazine, with it's editor, Jon B. Cooke, issued a gorgeous tribute to Will, featuring touching reminiscences and new artwork, provided by friends, peers, and fans of the comics giant. Cooke has also made a film about Eisner, which has just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, but more on that later.
ALTER EGO magazine, edited by long-time comic book writer, and early comics fandom co-founder, Roy Thomas, also put out a nice Eisner tribute, which is naturally a must for all serious comics enthusiasts.
Also as noted before, WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT, from DC COMICS, is a new comic book that is written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke, with J. Bone, and it is beautiful, and noted cartoonist Kyle Baker has also gotten involved with the title, for a forthcoming issue that I expect to be as good as Cooke's.
THE SPIRIT has even teamed up with THE BATMAN, in a recent DC COMICS "one-shot".
Do you think we are at the end of this series?
Well, we aren't, so, please join us soon for Part IV, in which we will look at other elements of Mr. Eisner's career...

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