Thursday, April 12, 2007

In suburban Boston, in the mid-to-late 1960's, I watched MARVEL SUPER HEROES on the local station, WNAC-TV, which ran each character in his own half hour program one weekday afternoon per week.
CAPTAIN AMERICA on Monday, THOR on Tuesday, IRON MAN on Wednesday, HULK on Thursday, and SUB-MARINER on Friday, I believe, though I may have reversed the order on THOR and HULK, I am not positive.
The station had a live-action buffoon dressed as CAP, only from head to waist, so they never had to pay to make the whole uniform up, hosting the shows, popping up at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the half hour.
In one group of shows they had an off-camera voice of SUB-MARINER, taunting Cap about his long-lost love, "Yvette", when they ran "The Girl From Cap's Past", who, as we know here, later turned out to be called Sharon Carter, in the comic books.
The programs had ROGER RAMJET cartoons as filler, by the way, and Gary Owens also participated as the voice of RAMJET and talked with the guy in the Cap suit.
WNAC packaged the cartoons with their own show intro, dropping this one on You Tube altogether, I got to see those on WPRO-TV, from Providence, RI, which ran all the characters in a two and a half hour block on Saturday morning, complete with this opening shown on YOU Tube.
Thank Good ness that I could get the RI station clearly, on the set in Mum's bedroom, in those pre-cable TV days.
That station is now called WPRI, for those still paying attention.
They had no buffoon hosting the shows, which I love to this day, by the way.

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